The business was founded in 1961 by John JF Playoust as an architectural practice and expanded in the 1970’s to include a successful building and development company. The business was commercialised in the early 1990’s and the portfolio expanded to include diversified listed equities, unlisted investments and a start-up private equity fund.

Property, and residential property in particular, has always been a mainstay for the Group. Playoust Building established an excellent reputation for residential development in the ACT during the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s until its divestment. Branded “AEH” since 1995, the Group has continued to design, develop and manage residential development projects. Playoust Churcher Architects (www.playoustchurcher.com.au) remains renowned for their specialisation in luxury single residential and medium density architecture.

And now, AEH Retirement Living draws on the experience and expertise of those 51 years in designing, building, developing and managing residential property to produces homes of exceptional quality and outstanding value. But property is only half of the story for us in Retirement Living. We have established AEH Retirement Living as dedicated company to build our expertise in managing people – our residents and all their needs – in the retirement village context.